Become an Affiliate (business partner)

If you would like to make money, you can help me sell my eBooks. I'm not in this for the money, I genuinely want to help people learn about these subjects. With your help I can reach a larger audience with my material.

I no longer advertise my eBooks through's servers. I use my own server, because Tradebit takes 25% of the profit for each eBook sale. I created a web store and now I'm selling my eBooks on my own server, so I don't get taxed by Tradebit. It seems like a much more logical solution, even though I do love Tradebit. However, I still have a Tradebit account, and my eBooks are still listed on Tradebit's servers. Tradebit is just a website that sells eBooks.

You can make cash by taking the Tradebit links for my eBooks and posting them on your site. Tradebit has a beautiful tracking system, and they can track who sold my eBooks for me. If any sale came from your website, then you get 9.5% commission on that sale.

So, to clarify, I'm not using Tradebit anymore for my own personal website, because I don't like their service fees. However, I still have a Tradebit account, and you can copy the Tradebit HTML code for my eBooks and you can sell my eBooks for me, and by doing this you'll make commission.

To start, you just sign up for a account, then after you've setup your free account with them, you just visit the page listed below, copy the HTML code for my eBook advertisements, and then place this HTML code on your website. The better you advertise my eBooks the more money you will make. It's pretty simple.



An affiliate means you are a business partner.I just now found out that if you have a website, and put a link to my eBooks, you will make 9.5% comission on every sale. It's very simple, all you have to do is put a link to my eBooks on your site. is the server that handles my eBook sales. They will pay you every week, a comission payment.

This is what you need to do.

1.) Setup a free account at by clicking here: Just go to their site and enter in a username and password. You need a free account with them so they can send you money every week. They pay every week.

2.) Copy the HTML code: for the eBooks and paste it on your page. Tradebit will track sales that come from your website or blog, and they will know that you sold my eBooks, so you will get paid 9.5% comission on every sale.

I would really appreciate your help. As it stands right now, I don't have any affiliate partners, so you will be the first! You don't need my persmission to advertise my eBooks by providing a link to my eBooks, and in so doing, you will make a profit.

And of course a disclaimer is needed for people who don't understand what I'm trying to say: It is ok to advertise and link to my eBooks. However, It is illegal to copy and distribute my eBooks or any part of my eBooks on your own server.

Thanks again!