Radiant Charging - How to Build a Radiant Charger

There are 2 ways to produce electricity. You can produce electricity using current, or you can produce electricity that is devoid of current. When electricity does not have any current, it also has no magnetism. This electricity is called "negative electricity" or "radiant energy." The only way to make negative electricity is using special circuits that remove magnetism from a generator. Conventional generators cannot remove magnetism, so they cannot create negative electricity.

The interesting thing about negative electricity is that it can be produced using less energy than conventional current. However, when you charge a battery with negative electricity (radiant energy) the battery will automatically convert the energy into conventional current. You can take a small amount of radiant energy, charge a battery, and the battery will output a huge amount of regular power. This is a free energy conversion.

A radiant charger, like the I one I invented, shown above, and in the videos below, along with a lead acid battery (car battery) forms a free energy device. The battery is not a free energy device, and neither is the radiant charger. However, together, you get a free energy device. The radiant charger sends negative electricity into the battery. The negative electricity can increase the resting voltage of a 12 volt battery up to around 15.5 volts, and the capacity of the battery is improved by at least 30%. The battery can charge twice as fast as with conventional current. In addition the radiant charger completely reverses any aging or damage that conventional charging has done to your batteries. A radiant charger can charge any battery, even batteries that are totally shot. Unless the battery is shorted out, a radiant charger can fix it.

There is a little more to it of course, I explain a lot more of the science in my "How to Build a Radiant Charger" eBook. But for the most part, a radiant charger performs miracles. It sends extremely high voltage, zero current negative electricity into a battery. The battery is forced to charge, and after several cycles the battery will be like new, and it will hold more voltage, and more current than ever before. This process is called "radiant charging."

Once I perfected the charger shown above, I stopped using my old battery chargers. Bear in mind, for best results you need to condition your battery to accept the radiant energy, you do this by discharging, then charging several times with the radiant charger. Once conditioned, the battery will be a "radiant" battery and it will not accept a charge easily from a conventional power source. This is further proof that something magical happens when you charge with radiant energy. The internal structure of the battery is actually changed to accept the radiant energy. Radiant batteries last forever, since they are "healed" everytime you charge them with your radiant charger.

Normally, with conventional charging, the charging process damages a battery. However, with a radiant charger, there is no limit to how many discharge/charge cycles you can do, the battery gets better and better the more you charge it.

My charger, the HHO Pulse Charger V2.0 is as strong as they come. I invented this charger after years of testing hundreds of diferent radiant circuits. It is one of the strongest radiant devices you can build. It will charge any battery, power your hydrogen fuel cell, or charge a Joe cell with radiant energy. I have sold the instructions for a few years now, and many people have reported back on the amazing results. Thank you to all who have provided feedback.

Usually when you build your own electronic device, it is not that reliable. Well I fixed that problem by using off the shelf parts that are designed to produce high voltage electricity - a mircowave transformer and an automotive spark module.

I found a certain German made module that had outstanding properties, and in my eBook I give you the specific part number of available modules that will work for you. Not just any spark module will work, since there is one in particular that prevents overheating and damage, when used in a radiant charger application. I've put this module through every test there is, and it's never failed me.

See my videos below for more information. Or if you are interested, you can purchase my radiant charger eBook and get to work, straight away, building your own radiant charger.

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