Stanley Meyer Quick Facts

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1. Born 1941 Died March 21st, 1998 at age 57
2. Invented the Water Fuel Cell
3. One part of the Water Fuel Cell was a machine that split the hydrogen from water (H2O)
and was able to be attached to any motor and make any car essentially run off of water.
4. His wife is named Marilyn Meyer.
5. He had a twin brother named Stephen Meyer
6. He was a very paranoid man but not crazy.
7. He was a devoted Christian.
8. He was a United States patriot.
10. He never graduated from College.
11. He invented the Water Fuel Cell in his garage.
12. He believed in a Global Conspiracy and a One World Government Organization that suppressed
this type of technology so that Huge Corporations could continue making money off of regular citizens.
13. He knew that the Water Fuel Cell could never be released by a big corporation which is probably the easiest way this technology could have been released to the mass market.
14. He felt that any big corporation with this type of technology on their supply line could be taken over by the government simply because the government is allowed to take over any corporation that they feel could be a national security threat.
15. He knew that only an independent company could release this technology on to the market
because although an independent company might not have as much money to spend on releasing this technology, an independent company is still protected by certain laws from government take over.
16. Many scientists examined his inventions and although his claims were scientifically impossible,
the scientists that examined them could not disprove that they were doing what they were doing they way Stanley Meyer had explained. In other words the Water Fuel Cell worked.

17. Deleted, inaccurate.

18. He was invited to a Geneva Convention sometime in the early 90s and right before he was to go up on stage before dozens of nations of the world he was stopped and not allowed to display or explain the Water Fuel Cell.
19. At some point during the 90s he was contacted by certain Arab oil families and offered over one billion dollars to sell his invention to them. He refused.
20. After there offer was turned down, the Arabs told Stanley that he would never succeed in releasing the Water Fuel Cell. When Stanley asked why they believed that, they responded "Because the American People Will Never Stand Behind You".
21. Stanley spent the last years of his life traveling the world and meeting with many credible scientists to discuss the Water Fuel Cell and to find a safe way to release the technology to the entire world.
22. Stanley had complete legal blue prints drawn up for a research center where he could create any machine designed around the Water Fuel Cell technology for any system needed.
23. Some of the ideas he envisioned the Water Fuel Cell being perfect for were automobiles, military aircraft and vehicles, spaceships and deep space exploration, airplanes and for powering homes.
24. This technology is viewed as revolutionary because of its potential ability to make Oil companys and Electric companys basically useless. Saving the people billions upon billions of dollars and stoping wars.
25. He met with many Pentagon officials about not only different ways the Water Fuel Cell could be used for military purposes, but about the importance of it to the National Security of the United States.
26. Stanley was given government contracts and later found out that the Water Fuel Cell technology was basically stolen by the government and being used without his consent.
27. Stanley Meyer was granted dozens of patents involved with the Water Fuel Cell. How many??
He realized that he would never be allowed to patent the Water Fuel Cell in its entirety but that he would have to patent each individual component of the Water Fuel Cell that when put together would create the Water Fuel Cell.
28. In the last weeks of his life he had secured a contract with the military to fund what was probably his research center estimated at around 50 million dollars.
29. It was rumored that hours before his death he had a toast of cranberry juice with NATO officials after signing this contract.
30. He later went to eat dinner at a crowded restaurant where in the middle of his meal he jumped up out of his chair and publically yelled that he had been poisoned then ran out to the parking lot where he died in front of his twin brother.
31. Its easy to speculate that he was indeed poisoned, reasons being to supress his technology after he had just signed a contract with the military. A contract that possibly unknown to Stanley had loopholes that somehow made all of Stanley Meyers technology and research now belong to the government.
32. Since his death its been reported that all of his research including the infamous dunebuggy were indeed confiscated by government officials.
33. The official autopsy report claims that Stanley Meyer died of a ruptured brain aneurysm.
34. Also included in the official autopsy the writer made some bizzare comments regarding the events leading up to his Stanleys death. He had written what appeared to be his own personal beliefs about the events leading up to Stanleys death writing that "supposedly" stanley had just toasted with NATO officials.
The fact that the writer of the autopsy report decided to include his own personal thoughts wich essentially argued what other claimed many feel is an unprofessional and suspicious thing to do. Making the final autopsy report diagnosis suspect. Stanley might indeed have been poisoned.

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