This store is intended for the home hobbyist, inventor, and researcher who wants to learn about electronic circuits, motors, turbochargers, Joe Cells, HHO cells, health devices, generators and alternative energy conepts.

Included on this site are my most popular eBooks. You can download these files instantly and read them instantly. Once you submit a payment, you'll see a download button that appears on your screen. All eBooks are 100% guaranteed. If you have any comments or questions, please click on the contact link below to send me a personal email. After purchasing an eBook you can get help with the projects, by contacting me personally. I try to help people with their projects the best that I can, and if you need an explanation I'd be happy to help. Thanks so much for viewing this site!

Important Update 08.19.2017: I am now offering free eBooks. This store requires a username and a password in order to download a file. If you simply create a new account, you can access free downloads. I'd also recommend signing up to the "Newsletter" when you create your account. You won't ever recieve any spam emails. Your email adresses and any personal information is 100% secure with this website.

I have made it my goal to try to help people by simplifying information about complex subjects. I've spent a lot of years studying and putting together information to try to help people on their journey. When it comes to inventions and alternative devices, it can be difficult to find clear practical information. In the following eBooks I have on this site, you'll find practical information, all in one spot, with clear precise details to help you build a radiant charger, a Joe cell, or a Bob Beck magnetic pulser, etc.

This site specializes in downloadable eBooks. If you have any recommendations for physical products, please conctact me for product suggestions. Thanks!

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