Backyard Turbocharging - Low Cost Megasquirt Turbo - [eBook]

What turbo people don't tell you is that you can use stock pistons. It's a myth that you need forged pistons. Forged pistons are actually only better if you are using nitrous oxide. Turbocharging doesn't require forged pistons. Furthermore, there is a right way and a wrong way to tune an engine. My turbo vehicle gets and an honest to God 42mpg city/hwy average fuel economy. This eBook will pay for its self when I show you how to tune your fuel injection to do this.

Why pay $2000 for a turbo, I paid $25 for a rebuilt turbocharger that was a perfect fit for my car, and it looks cooler than heck. I'd love to share these tips with you, because when I started, I didn't have a guide like this one.

Shows examples of using Megasquirt for the fuel injection and spark control. This book will provide you with specific details on how to tune your turbo engine. It has pictures and descriptions of turbo manifolds, custom fuel rails, and details on how to setup stand alone fuel management.

One project in the eBook is the Tercel 3E-E engine, which is actually a very easy engine to turbocharge.

I will show you how to braze your oil pan to attach the turbo oil drain using parts from the hardware store. I will also show you how to braze all of your parts, so there is no need to buy custom fittings. You can make them using a propane torch and a hacksaw! You won't find this in any books.

All computer screen shots are included so you can figure out exactly how to setup fuel tables and proper spark maps using stand alone computer systems. This eBook will make tuning your turbo vehicle easier and is very helpful for those who want to use Megasquirt, or who just want to turbocharge their car without spending a lot of money. If you are not satisfied, I offer a 100 money back guarantee.

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