The Complete Guide to Water Fuel - HHO & Electrolysis - [eBook]

This is an older guide on water fuel. It is a good eBook for beginners in the field who need to learn about all the details of water fuel cells, and the history behind it. It contains everything you need to know to start on a water fuel cell project.

Personally, I consider the Joe Cell to be simpler to setup and use than a standard water fuel cell, so I would recommend the Joe Cell Secrets eBook if you are trying to make a hydrogen booster. However this guide has a lot of very important information for those who wish to build a standard HHO booster. Or if you are just wanting to learn about the science of electrolysis and how to use a water fuel device, this eBook is 44 pages, and it has a lot of very important research.

Bonus File Added!

I have just added supplemental information to this download for an all metal, miniature Joe Cell type device called the HC Booster. It uses tap water and costs very little to build. You will get the diagram and an overview of how it works in this download. It provides increased fuel economy without any modifications to your engine. The HC Booster is 100% maintenance free, because it does not use chemicals, nor does it draw significant current or break down over time.

This should save you a lot of money over the long run. This device is intended to be extremely simple so that anyone can use it. This device combines existing theories of hydrogen and gasoline powered engines, but does so in a unique way that has been previously overlooked by most of the hydrogen community.

The unique and important factor with the HC Booster described herein is that it does not require any changes to the oxygen sensor or the engine, and instead, works in unison with the O2 sensor to provide a marked decrease in fuel consumption on a stock, factory engine.

Furthermore it is so simple anyone can build it.


I am a real mechanic who has spent 20+ years building engines. In this eBook, I provide enough information that you can become truly educated about HHO boosters, otherwise known as a water fuel cell (WFC).


This eBook has truthful honest information. It has been researched, studied and observed first hand. I've included historical facts and research data about hydrogen and water fuel cells.


Do you know why new vehicles get such poor fuel economy? Do you want to know what the EPA has to say about it? Have you ever wondered why we are not offered good electric or water powered cars? Would you like to learn how to build your own Hydrogen producing water fuel cell? These topics are covered.


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