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1.5L, 1456cc, 12 valves, 9.3:1 compression ratio, with cast pistons. This engine (like all turbo engines) became an experiment. Sure, everyone says you need forged pistons just to use a turbocharger. However, this is a 3E-E engine. It cost practically nothing to rebuild it. I wanted to see what I could do with a stock engine. I am a true automotive enthusiast. Unlike some people, I am not worried about my ego. I just wanted to challenge myself and see what I could do with a stock engine. I didn't build the car for a racetrack, and I didn't really have the money to do a 4AGE engine swap. I decided to experiment instead. This is what I came up with! So far it works better than I would have ever expected. I put this website together because it's important to share this information with people. Most people don't realize just how strong a stock engine really is. You don't need forged pistons for street turbo cars. Nor do you need a copper head gasket, or any other special parts. Engines are built pretty tough, and unless you intentionally try to ruin them by bad timing and fuel settings, you can probably turbocharger just about any engine to at least 6- 8 psi. In my case, I've hit 15 psi a couple times as an experiment and this stock 9.3:1 compression engine did NOT ping at all. Pinging is a sign of detonation which is the destructive force caused by cheap fuel and bad ignition timing settings. Pinging/spark knock/detonation destroys all engines.

This motor is a completely stock engine, rebuilt to perfection with stock internals. I used a stock type aluminum graphite headgasket from hong kong. So far, I've had no problems at all with the head gasket or the engine. After 15 years of studying engines, I finally came to the conclusion that turbo chargers don't blow head gaskets, but detonation does! I blew the Tercel head gasket, before installing the turbocharger when I had the timing set with too much advance. The engine was pinging a little at top speed, enough to hear the pinging inside the cab while driving, and that pinging ruined the head gasket. I built a new engine with less compression, and have been running 10-12 psi boost on pump fuel for 3 years with a $9.00 headgasket, and it is holding up perfectly well. I have the timing set very modestly, so I am not getting any pinging whatsoever. The engine seems to love the boost.

Engine just installed

Stock 1.5L 3E-E with Turbocharger Manifold


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