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HHO Pulse Charger V2.0 - Charges batteries & makes hydrogen. Extremely durable.


Self resonating CD case charger - Can be used for charging batteries or HHO production. Finds the perfect resonant frequency of the battery or water fuel cell. Reaches perfect tuning frequency automatically.


High voltage electrolysis experiment with self resonating charger.


HHO Pulse Charger V2.0 - Video showing how to charge batteries using radiant energy.


Radiant charging circuit charging up water to over 220 volts! The water emits photons, visible as sparks underwater. This is distilled water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda, with pure aluminum plates.


Incredible video showing the "Radiant" energy field around a battery that has been conditioned for several weeks with a radiant charger. Radiant batteries have amazing properties, as they develop an energy field around the battery which can be detected. See video for more information.


Radiant charging shown on the scope. This shows how the circuit reaches resonance no matter what type of water you are using, or what you are charging, whether it be a water fuel cell, or a battery, the correct frequency is always reached.


Joe Cell video. Showing a video of the new "Ritalie Cell." Solves the dillema of fitting a lid on a Joe cell. The problem in building a Joe cell has always been how to fit a lid onto it, since this is the hardest part. I solved this, and provide a very simple solution. I have also done extensive tests on the Joe cell and will show you how to construct one, and how you can use it on your vehicle. See "Joe Cell Secrets" eBook.

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