Introduction to Water Fuel

Though it is not discussed or accepted by the mainstream science community, water is what you might call "magic." It can be used as an energy source, an energy carrier, an energy converter, a capacitor, an electrical generator, an orgone generator, a hydrogen generator, and a tool for healing.

There are 3 primary ways water can be used as a fuel.

1.) Water injection - spraying a mist of water vapor into an engine to help boost performance. This is something that can be done to decrease detonation with high compression ratios, especially on turbo/supercharged vehicles.

2.) Water electrolysis - hydrogen and oxygen are extracted from water and the resulting gases are used as a fuel. A small amount of hydrogen gas has a dramatic impact on combustion, reducing emissions. This method is good for "boosting" fuel economy, not for running an engine without gasoline. For that method we need the Joe cell - below.

3.) Joe Cell - an HHO cell made of solid metal (called a Joe cell) is charged up via electrolysis using specially prepared water. When charged properly, a Joe cell emits protons (H+ ions) which then saturate the engine block and cooling water (antifreeze) inside the engine of your vehicle. When an engine has been sufficiently saturated with protons, it can be run without any gasoline (petrol) or external fuel source. This effect works on gasoline and diesel engines. Once operating a Joe cell requires zero maintenance, unlike all other types of water fuel cells.

A Joe cell has to be designed a certain way using special materials to facilitate the transfer of protons from the electrolyzed "charged" water into the engine. Plastics won't allow the the transfer of protons, so everything must be made of metal. See my Joe cell page for more information.

Joe cells can also be used to boost fuel economy in "shandy mode." I've personally done extensive testing on Joe cells, and the results of these studies are outlined in my Joe cell secrets eBook, shown on the Joe cell page.

The original inventor ran over 12 vehicles, trucks, and equipment without gasoline. Some skeptics say that a Joe cell is an unworkable device. Fortunately I've tested them myself, so I know otherwise. There are several videos providing proof, as well as instructions, in my guide: Joe cell secrets


This is the Ritalie cell I made, shown below, it uses a very simple process that uses common household materials, along with inexpensive metals from a local metal supplier. It is a true Joe cell, using the proper cylinder shaped tubes (a sphere shaped Joe cell will not work.) The reason Stanley Meyer used tubes is due to the effect that a cylinder has, when submerged in water and electrically charged. You must design a Joe cell according to specific requirements, or it will not work as intended. The original inventor tried hundreds of designs, and arrived at the design shown below. This is my own personal cell. Detailed schematics, and instructions on how to build it, how to charge the water, and how to use it on your engine, are all in my eBook "Joe Cell Secrets." Click on the picture for more information. Thanks!


(Below) A typical plate type cell I created, and used to sell. This is not as effective as a Joe cell, but can be easier for the beginner to build and test. You can use a radiant charger to produce hydrogen using any of these cells, if that is your goal. A radiant charger is recommended for all charging and conditioning whenever possible, since it will prevent damage to the plates, due to the reduction in current.




Water needs to be converted before it will burn, and this conversion does consume electrical energy. However, the energy required to split the water molecule (or convert it to orgone) is less than the resulting energy output. By all scientific measures, water really is a fuel.

The truth about water has been supressed, and the term "water fuel" has never been publicly accepted. Still, whether people believe it or not, water is a fuel. An automobile can be made to run exclusively on water without any gas at all.


*bear in mind, I am not currently using a Joe cell, or any type of water fuel device on my own personal vehicles and will not do so, since I would prefer to keep a low profile, especially considering the history of suppression with the Joe cell technology."